Meiyi is a local born fashion designer, runs Paragon Design Limited for about 9years, provides design solutions to fashion retailers and brands. She holds a MA Degreeof Design and BA Degree of Fashion Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Herbelief in “design without bourndaries” leads her to multi-disciplinary design practice. Sherecently creates WHOSTHAT, her own brand of wearable art and artsy fashion. She believesfashion is not just for chase and grab. Fashion, to her, is a piece of delicately crafted art piecethat goes with body form, sensation and motion, rather than a piece of commodity that bepurchased for disposal. Her first collection is a collaboration project with 2 Japanese paintersThe signature pieces were showed on the runways and exhibited in both Hong Kong andGuangzhou, successfully aroused industry’s interest and media’s attention to the relationshipbetween fashion and art.
Meiyi is currently the executive member of the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association,the external assessor and the member of the board of examiners of the fashion course ofthe Hong Kong University Space, the panel member of Hong Kong Design Smart Initiative.She was nominated to design uniforms for the Beijing Olympic and the world expo, shanghai2010.