Jake Photo

Jake Oliver-Fishman is an artist and designer who creates events and installations that look to encourage its viewers and participants to give further consideration to their potential to play and interact within their everyday lives. As well as his own work, he works with a group of artists to create large scale works for festivals and public events.

Jake studied Fine Art (BA) at the University of West England, he spent half a year on exchange in Hong Kong where his work took an unexpected change in direction. Having previously worked almost exclusively on sculptural and installation work, following wearing a sculpture out in public, his work became about the direct interaction the public had with what was made rather than the objects themselves.  Installations and events take place that unknowingly involve the public as performers or artworks, often confronting people with possibilities for embracing the unfamiliar and seemingly absurd.
He is a partner in the design company ‘Little Big Design’. They strive to deliver innovative ethical creations that give greater consideration to how individuals interact with and experience design, whilst being environmentally aware in what is produced and what happens to them after their initial use.